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I can hardly believe I am the first to comment on this lovely entry.

First of all it was spot on with the subject/topic. And, you have managed in a very clever way- to utilize it fully by intermingling passages from the bible, bringing forth a powerful message.

Thank you-I loved it. Beautiful devotion. God Bless you~
I like the creative way you brought the topic into your devotion. You gave me a lot to think about. I know you have a passion to share scripture with others but it feels a tad overwhelming to have so many scripture references. Maybe if you gave the reader a suggested Bible reading and just focused on one or two verses it wouldn't be as overwhelming especially to someone new to devotions. Your prayer is awesome and so heartfelt.
An excellent devotional with deep nuggets of truth tied in superbly with this week's topic. I loved the prayer at the end. God bless!
Very strong parallels worked through this devotional work. I tend to agree with Shann about a few too many scripture references, though you could pick your main two or three and allude to the others as a lead-in to them to assist the flow.
As always your devotional and following prayer is filled with truth and a blessing to read! Our hearts are the search engine God looks at when seeing what our desires really are. Good job!
An awesome devotion. I agree with others about too many Scriptures in the entry. Otherwise, a heartfelt and inspirational piece.
Would it be annoying if I said I too, agree about the scripture references?

What I like is the energy that comes through in your message. There's a passion and lovingkindness, that reveals how much you love Christ and how much you want others to know this love. This is a beautiful thing. The message is relevant to the topic, relevant to all life on earth.

Reminds me of something Therese of Lisieux was often quoted as saying, "I want what God wants." Her obsessive focus on this desire is what filled her cup; it's what helped her find joy in suffering; and it's what eventually made her a saint.

This is a wonderful devotional and you have incorporated the topic spot on! Too many scripture references or not, it's definitly one of my favourites this week.
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level 3!