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I liked this. It seems to be a common theme among us Christians. Wanting to do so much more and yet sometimes not realizing that God is using us all the time if we're willing. Thanks, I enjoyed this. The journal entry style was a nice touch.
I loved this entire piece. Very well crafted. It is so true too. The only thing is I am not sure it is really on the topic very clearly. Perhaps if I look at you as the search engine, then it might fit better. But I still have this as one of my favorites I've read this time.
I loved this. It was straight from your heart.

I liked the message that during the course of your day, you found time to "ease, comfort and provide love" to those who were in need. And that certainly in a major part of Jesus' ministry/practices.

I am thinking the search engine - was "the posting, and soul searcing with God."

Nice job! God Bless~
I really liked this. How often do we search for our purpose when God is showing us point blank. I do think you missed the topic as it was to be about a search engine on a computer rather than a personal search. It would be agreat entry for this week's blog entry though:) I really needed to be reminded of your message right now.
This is a touching, tender entry, as it shows the innocent search for understanding of a baby Christian! This may be on topic as on Thursday in the MC’s journal, she talks about searching in Google for answers – I’m not sure if that’s enough. But using the MC’s heart & soul as a search engine, seeking from God, is a perspective the reader could take. Topic aside, I love the way this shows how the girl is living God’s will in helping others and doesn’t even realize her worth in God’s eyes. This story exemplifies Matthew 25:34-40. This was a joy to read!

I agree with Shann, the piece would be an appropriate entry for this week's theme, "Blog." I'm afraid "search engine" is not the central focus of your story. You were successful in writing about the emotions and feelings we often struggle with as Christians.
I saw many layers in here. The MC was the little engine that could, determined to search her soul through God. I saw a woman trying to find her purpose while beautifully living that very purpose.

And the layer I enjoyed most of all, was a woman very much in love with God. I aspire to have that sort of deep and personal, open, and ongoing conversation with God. How He must love that!
Ministering to people around us is a ministry, and in searching for ways to serve God, our circumstances and our heart sometimes play a big role in guiding us to do exactly what we seek. This story reminds me of the Bible teaching about ministry to the saints, as well as encouraging one another and building one another up (2 Corinthians 9:12-13; 1 Thessalonians 5:11). You've conveyed this meaningful message very well within your story.
And it really can be that simple - as your MC's mom said. This was a delightful piece and it flowed beautifully but I have to agree with others comments in that it doesn't quite hit the topic of a computer search engine in the way that was mentioned on the boards. However it still is a lovely, heartfelt entry.