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This had me chuckling. At first I thought you might be a tad off topic but you pulled it together. There were tines I had a hard time following thestory and had to reread. Butyou definitely painted me agreat picture with your dialog.
Too funny! Made me chuckle out loud! God bless!
Unique and humorous use of the topic!
Using the suggested guidelines, I would like to make a few comments. (1) I thought you were on target with the topic, and did so in a creative way. (2) Your dialect threw me a bit, especially some of the spelling (Ma and Mah sounds the same), and I noticed a few areas where the dialect was not consistent. I think "an she sez...should probably begin with a capital letter. (3) I love how you tied the main character's name to the story with the use of Gulliber. (4) This was a humorous, and entertaining story, even though it lacked a memorable message and a strong conclusion. Perhaps, a better conclusion could be where we learn if Gulliber won the contest.

WArning: The above is solely the opinion of the commentator, and I bow to the opinion of the final Judges.:-)
Creative and humorous take on the topic. Dialogue has misspelled words and I had some difficulty following the story. I loved the MC's name.
This was an entirely clever story, and right on topic. I enjoyed it. Thanks. God Bless~
Funny! You definitely have a knack for humor. I had a little trouble with the dialect. (This is a tricky beast to tame, I've tried it myself with limited success). What I've noticed from reading pieces from authors who know how to do this well -- they pick a select few words to alter for the dialect, just enough to let the flavor show.

Nice application of the topic!
An enjoyable read! I think the MC of your story still need to know what's a search engine in the end. Maybe he should Google to find out. LOL. Nice take on the topic.
This is clever, creative and bang on topic but I had trouble making sense of the unfamiliar dialect. Good job!