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I am not qualified to critique poetry, but I can say I found this writing beautiful, and moving. I had a little trouble tapping into the topic, but I believe you were implying God, and His love and grace, as a search engine, yes?

At any rate, you had me from the first line to the last.
The story itself was touching; however the poetic part of it was bumpy, not very smooth...a bit off rhythym-wise. More needed to be said about "Searching" for "answers" in order to hit the Subject Matter to a "T". But very good effort and a very heartfelt story. Nice job.
This touched my heart and is sad but true. Though you used the words searching, you really didn't nail the topic. On the message boards there is a thread that clarifies the topic each week. The poem was lovely and constant a great message.
I clearly see you were using the heart& mind as a “search engine” to seek God and seek answers…and the beautiful part is God gave what was needed! This poem was so emotional, taking the reader from the depths of despair at so senselessly losing her daughter, to the heights of joy when God answers and assures the mother. This poem is like a whole story - presented well in a few phrases – and it seems to make you feel and envision as much between the lines as in the lines. It’s a poem that will stick in my mind! I really enjoyed this! Very well done!
How touching and heart felt, so much emotion captured in a few lines. God bless!
A sad poem which reminded me of the day my infant grandson was buried. Although the topic was not covered and the flow and rhythm off kilter your words elicited strong emotions.
Really enjoyed this piece ... the transition where you understand the nature of what you are talking about it so subtle yet powerful. I agree in that this is the type of work that really will stick with the reader and get them thinking. Nicely done!
An engine racing within, desperately searching for God! A well crafted poem that speaks deep into the heart, showing the grief of one who has lost a loved one. Excellent writing!
Emotional, sad yet ending with a message of reassurance and hope. Not quite on topic though I understood the searching for answers part.
In the depths of such pain and loss, your poem expresses God's faithfulness to answer, to pour Himself into us and meet us where we are, to bring the only comfort available in the revelation and expression of Who He is. I can see your heart for God in your beautifully-expressed words, that God hears the soul's inaudibe expression in search of relief.
This is so powerful for its depth of emotion and pain; and to put it in poetic form shows real skill. Whether it nails the topic is totally irrelevant for me because of its quality of expression.
What starts out as heart-breaking ends with a glorious message. I love the way you ended this. Very nice work!