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Great sense of intrigue builds through your dialogue, and a terrific twist to wrap it up. Loved it!
Another great take on topic. Thoroughly enjoyable.
I thought Mel was going to fight the evil spirit Merlot at the end with prayer, instead of throwing her down the drain. But regardless this was certainly a well written and creative take on the challenge! Well done!
Your personification of an inanimate object was creative.
Alcoholism is quite "beastie.":-)You acted as a best friend to Dee whom I would like to have heard from; to know if your actions made a difference. One tiny observation:
"A true friend does not encourage them to self destruct."..."A true friend does not encourage one to self-destruct." I like how you used the neck of the bottle to grab it by the "throat."
Great use of personification. You handled a serious subject with tact and grace. Well done. (I also like the use of the bottle neck as the throat.)
Very powerful, and creative.
I liked the title and the well written story kept my attention. Well done.
Congratulations on your 3rd place and EC win for this gripping story!
I like a surprise ending! I'm usually a little slow on these clever twists but I understood yours within 10 seconds! Thiswas really creative and spike volumes.