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Now this is a unique take on topic, and so creative too! Looks like Harry got what he deserved. Priceless!
I feel very sorry for Harrys bride but Harry definitely got what he deserved! LOL Entertaining read for sure! Enjoyed!
Hardpressed to connect the story to the topic, but this was a delightful read. Perhaps, revenge is a mutual friend. Loved the play on words - Blackmail for Black male, and Harry's humorous antics aka practical jokes. Can't consider what it feels like to "head into a radio." Did you mean that? :-) I was a bit letdown by the ending, but this may have resulted from trying to stay within the word count. Great, imaginative writing!
Oops! "Hard pressed"
Your story reads like a stand-up comedy routine. I love the rapid-fire antics of the MC and the fact that somebody was actually brave enough to marry him. Like the previous comment, I am not sure you clearly hit the topic but I am certainly glad you hit the submit button.
I think I have a little bit of Harry in me. I used to love pranks, until one fateful day when I clearly saw that pranks were not funny to the ones being pranked.

My take on connection to theme: Harry was the mutual friend to all the friends he pranked.

Delightfully amusing.
If "opposites attract" applies to Harry's spouse, then I'm betting on the gal to shape him up eventually. And all the bystanders said --- "Amen." Thanks for a fun read.
Very humourous and entertaining. I have just one, rather cheeky this by any chance, anecdotal?! Just kidding! Well done on a fun entry.
I love your sense of humor! Somehow I get the feeling that "Harry" might be a mutal FW level 3 author friend! :) Thiswas a fun read!