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This is a great story about two people missing the rapture. I didn't know that was what it was about at first, but as I continued reading I saw what a clever tale you've woven together.
Your story encourages us to think about all the current indicators that point to Christ's return I was told by an editor who critiqued a story I wrote that most editors suggest not starting a story with dialogue; especially if you do not not whose speaking. The dialogue was a bit stiff, and perhaps,"She" should have been given a name at some point in the story.

I like how you concluded on a positive note with both friends coming to Christ because of the witness by a mutual friend.
Great characterising and real credibility in the dialogue, as a challenge for the day which no one can predict.
I wonder how many times this will be said of friends who were supposedly 'crazy' and then one day...well, who knows how it will happen; the important thing is we know it WILL happen! And any true friend will be sharing with their mates the true-est fairy tale of all time, the second coming of Jesus. Well done.
An excellent piece! I was able to feel the tension and anxiety of the characters from the start to end of the story. I can't imagine how it is like being left behind to go through the Great Tribulation, but your story makes it so real. Well done.