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I would want to do an intervention for someone who used anywhoo all the time! LOL Seems like it would certainly be an annoying word! I wonder if this entry is a secret message to someone! LOL Thanks...this entry also made me rethink my overuse of anyhow! Loved this light-hearted, fun read entry! Great job!
"Any hoo" create such words should face an intervention. Like ending sentences with a preposition; it's something up with which no-one should ever put!!!
But this is a good fun read, for exposing how precious writers can become about our efforts. Well done.
This was a fun story that I really enjoyed. It seems that Johnnie isn't getting much benefit from her Thai Chi classes. Thanks for this well written piece.
Congratulations on getting second place at your level!

Your story is interesting, and I guess I can understand the MC quite well because there are certain words we use, sometimes unknowingly, that annoys other people. As an occasional editor, I guess I would be very particular about that too, if I see some words incorrectly used, even if it is in a conversation of a character in the story. Maybe, we just have to be more sensitive at times to be careful how we write at times.

An enjoyable read.

Congratulations on your 2nd place win and EC for this fun story!
Congratulations. Well deserved and great fun read! Stan
Oi, mate, not sure I see the problem here. Crikey! ;-)
(Phil's creator)
BTW, loved it! Congratulations on your award!!
Very fun read. I particularly liked the comment about the woman not having any filter. :) Congrats on the high placement!
Oh I loved this. I thought I I was the only person in the world who says anyhow! I seriously can't tell you how many times I guffawed (I bet your character would use that too! {Says the editor who chastised people for using too many exclamation points.}) Anyhow, this was a perfect balance of showing and telling. I do think my eyes literally popped out of my head. (Please note the use of literally in that sentence was my attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor.) You seem to be a master at that. I'm so glad you shared this. If only I had the time to read all the stories before my time, but I'll definitely make time to read more of yours. This is sheer brilliance.