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Mutual friends do draw us together! The wedding scenario was a good example of how we should view our fellow believers and your devotional was a nice reminder that we should never feel alone while on the earth because Jesus has many friends who are our friends too:)
Great message. Makes me think of this community at Faithwriters. We are spread across the earth. We are all so different. But we each share a love toward and friendship with Jesus, and so there's this unspoken feeling of trust and fellowship, though many of us have never met.
Great message - chock-full of wonderful truth from God's word. I think I would narrow down the scripture references to just a few, maybe use the one at the beginning, then only one or two others. Enables the reader to focus on one "take-away" truth from the devotional.
This is so true! No matter where, if you are among fellow Christians, though they may be strangers, you automatically feel a friendship and kinship! As always, I feel blessed by reading your wise devotionals and the prayers you present! God Bless!