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Wow! I'm surprised to be the first to comment on this one. It's got quite a plot twist to it. LOL!
Obviously, Mandy needed to be a little more 'reflective' of her actions!!!
This was great. I loved it; as a trigger for a few memories of my own.
A fun story. A minor critique: quotation marks are needed at the beginning of the first sentence. And, "They looked at each other it was in the vault." made me stumble reading it and, I think, should be revised. Though you didn't specifically mention it, the moral lesson you learned is clearly understood. Well done.
I had a feeling when I read about the mirror being replaced and it being kept secret that it was already broken and she hadn’t noticed! LOL I can see why dad smiled as he walked up the stairs, Mandy learned a valuable lesson about honesty and obedience and he had gotten his mirror fixed in the process! LOL Charming, lighthearted, well written story with a powerful message! Great job!
Loved this story. Well told and written. Being a parent, I also loved how the parent was NOT fooled in the end. Nice job.
Oh, so funny!
This is a cute story. I did seethe ending coming but I like the fact it is a true story. You did agreat job with the dialog.