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This is a great story with suspense and the perfect conflict.

I'm not sure angels die but maybe they fear watching man die.

This was a good read and very well-written. I enjoyed it.
Very interesting read. I enjoyed this entry. God bless~
Lots of visuals here. Loved how you interspersed the dialogue with the narrative. Great job of moving the reader from one sequence of events to the next, and on to a perfect ending. Did you mean to write "...,And..with a comma before the capital letter "A?"

Wonderful "showing," with this as one of my favorite... "Feral growls of chained dogs, slavering for blood." I could just see and hear it!

Well written - with no evidence of llth hour.
"llth hour"
Too bad we can't preview our comments.:-)... "11th hour."
Oh, this is good! Sad, but good.

I wasn't sure, at first, whether this was supposed to be in the future or long ago, like the Colosseum, but it doesn't matter much.

Again, good job with this one.
Very graphic and very powerful – well written story that personalized the mixture of agony and faith so many early Christians must have felt as they faced horrible deaths at the hands of the blood thirsty Romans. Makes me cringe, at how evil man can be to fellow man with Satan’s prodding!
You effectively brought emotion, intensity, and hope into this well crafted story!
Absolutely brilliant for its depth and scope of imagery and for the strength of its promise - even in the MC's questions. At first I felt that I was privy to the thoughts of a converted gladiator, but the truth didn't weaken your story's impact.
I thought this was really strong! It is well written and powerful. I really liked the strength and vulnerability of the mc and you used questions well - they drew me in.
A very brutal story. Brutal, because it is all too true. Even in this day, there are Christians around the world who suffer for their faith in ways I cannot imagine. I well-written story that made me feel I was write there with the MC.
Congratulations...Nice job. God bless~
Congratulations Glynis on your well deserved win!
Congratulations on your win.
Glad to see your excellent piece recognized at the top...congratulations!