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Moving, heart-tugging account. Well written! Thanks for sharing! God bless!
I enjoyed this account from the Bible. You brought the story to life and really made it pop with your descriptions and details.

Remember to start a new paragraph for each new speaker, even if it's only one or two words.

You did a good job on this piece.
Such a wonderful story ... and great to tell it from the "other" person who had to have been caught in the act as well. It touched me. Very well written. Thank you!
I have often wondered in this biblical story, if the woman was caught in the very act, why wasnt the man caught at the same time and brought to justice as well! It may be that the man managed to escape, as you have dramatized here, or as I have imagined, those hypocrite accusers of her, let the man go - I dont know - but I have often wondered if they did, if Jesus didnt simply write "Where is the man, also caught in the very act? which would show what hypocrites they were! But I like that you show they all saw their own sin writtenthat is a very realistic scenario too! And I also like how you dramatize that both the man and the woman became followers of Jesus because of this. This was a very moving read that gave me a fresh vision and outlook to ponder! Great job! Enjoyed!
The way you wrote this made me feel as if I was there. Great job and keep writing!
God bless!
Congratulations on how you have handled one of those issues in which the scripture allows us room for our imaginations to flow.
I would have liked more detail about any further interaction between your MC and Jesus, or possibly with the forgiven woman - and how their attitudes to each other would change, instead of a sweep ahead to the cross. However, this is credible biblical fiction, a genre that I thoroughly enjoy.
My heart raced through the whole thing and it's still racing!
A nicely written biblical event retold.