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Clever, whimiscal in some places, and overall a nice read. God Bless~
I love how God uses even dreams of umbilical cords to speak to us. Great story. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the comment Jesus made about vomiting. Did the anti-nausea meds influence the near-death?
Imaginative story! Interesting read!
Wow...and this really happened? Well written and it is interesting how God works in mysterious ways.
Well written story that draws Tyne reader in! Great job.
Correction: "that draws the reader in.". (Love that auto-correct!)
Oh wow. I love this piece. God really does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He?
This was scary-real! What a horrible feeling she (you) must have had. Well done, I really love this.
Wow. Jesus has his hand on you, for sure. It's always amazing to hear a great testimony like this. Love you!
Held my attention the entire way through. You have a good way of capturing your reader and leading through the events taking place - the quick pace was nice to see. I liked the moral of the story as well! He does work in mysterious ways; and thank goodness for His love.
I loved this captivating story too. I think it's a true account, probably of yourself, and C PAP, is that what you call the breathing machine over the pond? It works doesn't it, but oh what a monstrous thing to wear in bed! Love your open and honest accounts of life's problems. x
Good story. Held my interest all the way through.
Amazing personal testimony couched in a fictional mode. Loved how you set the scene that allowed us see heaven's deliberations; even though fictionalize.
I think you may have meant, "Wonderful, plan, Father...." Otherwise it seems as if Jesus is talking to Himself, I think.

Loved the touch of humor you assigned to your fictional God. Yes, that's what we say, and you proved it.:-)
God's ways are often mysterious and always higher than our understanding. What a great and good God we serve!
What a powerful testimony. The Lord does, indeed, work in mysterious ways. May God continue to bless you on your journey to improved health!
I guess this means that you now have answers, Shan-Shelley? Great news, and a great testimony. Keep writing. God bless you.
I like the part about the different color cords it reminds me of the different horses in the book of Revelation.

I am glad you’re still with us. Good story.
Terrific article and awesome God! Thanks for sharing this intense bit of your lifewith us.
Oh my gosh, what a tremendously thought provoking story! Loved the idea of the three cords; what was attached to them and that God gave the character as He often will, their choice along with its inevitable consequences. I read this story several times and will go back and mark it as one of my favorites! God is sooo good. I was unprepared for the ending and though it did make me grin I have to admit, I would have ended it with what you said to the minister about having to tell him about your vision... That was funny also, but to me more in keeping with the story. I still think this is one of the best stories I ever read. It was very engaging and it actually made me wish I could read more of the story... Blessings to you Shann you sweetheart! jerseygirl