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This is an interesting take on the last few moments of Peter.

The scripture references helped me figure out who the MC was, but I wish you had gone more into his character. That's just my personal opinion but I think I might have been tempted to pull out my Bible and read his letters if there had been maybe just one or two scriptures and more about Peter himself.

You did a great job with the "other" definition of persuasion and that must have been quite difficult to capture. I think it's a fresh and intriguing ides. My personal preferences aside, this is a well-written piece with many great messages. Even though I believe I will see Jesus in Heaven, death is still a mystery that scares me and your words soothed those fears.
Nice job...This was a powerful message, and very well told. God Bless~
Always interesting to see and be reminded of the disciples faith and obsession to spread the truth of Christ until the very end. I personally thought your number references within the body of your work, to the scriptures listed below, was not necessary and a bit distracting but beyond that small thing I enjoyed the read!
I agree with some of the comments made here. I like this piece, but I would have preferred more about Peter as a man and his situation than merely quoting what the Spirit inspired him to write. Certainly even Peter must have had some apprehension as his death approached. Being beheaded is never something to be fully calm about, even when you know what joy lies beyond death.