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My eyes filled with tears as I read the first part of the story. I used to be an RN and was lucky to work in OB. I grimaced everry time I was sent to another floor, not because of the patients but because the way so many were treated. Later when I became ill and was often in the hospital myself, my roommate was often an elderly woman. I began to get very protective of them to the point where I was taking care of them more often than the nurses. I agree when you get that feeling that a patient is too much of a bother it's time to think about another career. I'm so delighted that the Lord and her family showed you the direction to take. It's amazing how a little thing like a Bible can soothe a hurting soul. God bless you for having the wisdom to listen to the family and to take the time to truly care for the patient.
Beautifully written, and a story I can relate to having worked my whole career in a Nursing Home. Health care is a hard and trying occupation, and when you lose "feelings" or become hardened, it is indeed time to move on. God Bless you~
Thank you for sharing a beautiful memory in such a well written way. I enjoyed reading this.
I really liked this story, how the bible was able to sooth when nothing else would, how God used both patient and nurse to minister and teach and help each other spiritually and how we should never forget, every human, no matter the state or circumstance they are in can benefit from deeper understanding and caring. And showing that God does indeed persuade us by putting us situations and circumstances. Good job! Enjoyed!
Great job with the theme topic-perfect example. Enjoyed the story.
Ha-ha. I posted on my own article by mistake. Don't know how it happened as I clicked on "comment..." after reading another article.
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level 3!