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This is a great story and so true. In life we must choose our battles. You held my attention from beginning to end and did an outstanding job with this topic.
Nice job. I really enjoyed this powerful story. God Bless~
Well written, on topic with a fitting title: well done.
I have to admit, feelings I didnt care for welled up in me as I began to read, myself being a victim of physical abuse from my alcoholic first husband and I was not much interested in you showing kindness to this man that beat and bruised up his wife but reading the ending I see how right you were and undoubtedly led by the Holy Spirit. If this is based on a true story I am so glad the man changed, so many do not. Your story has a lot of wisdom within!
Great example of persuasion. (I have found this same method of persuasion to be rather effective on children.)
I think your writing allowed you to tell this story very well. I liked the way it flowed and the voice of the MC came across exactly as the narrative should be. I didn't find the message "preachy" in the least, but rather humble which lead to a good teaching moment. Nice job!
Great job with the theme topic. My daughter worked as a police officer for a few years and used to tell me about the many abusive situations she ran up against. She said it often helped to keep a cool head to prevent further "explosions" of temper.
Congratulations on a well deserved win.
Congratulations on your win. God Bless~
I struggled with this. My husband and I mentor some that have gone through scenarios just as you described.

I often wonder why there are so many men that rage, and control their families with their anger. The wounds they inflict take years to find healing. Sometimes the healing never comes.

I appreciate your approach to this offender, and your words of wisdom to him that "persuaded" him to accept his fate calmly. That the story ends with reconciliation and success is so encouraging. Would that this were the case more often.

Congratulations on your 3rd place win. What a thrill!
This story goes directly with my Bible Study in James right now. We're talking about holding the tongue and being slow to speak.

I notice you didn't specify which Bible translation you quoted. I just recently discovered it's one of the Challenge rules.

Nice story telling, as usual. :)