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I don't understand the cougar bit.
I like Rochelle's down-to-earth approach in dismantling the MC's fears; especially with the marriage growing on for so long now. Doesn't the cougar label apply to older women who merely collect younger men rather than committing to just one? I also like your MC's honesty in this well-constructed story.
Cute story, liked the cougar reference. God Bless~
I am naive or sheltered or something but I have never hear the expression of an older woman with a younger man, being called a cougar! Wow, the things you can learn reading Christian stories! LOL LOL I myself being several years older than my husband too, I can’t say I care for the expression either. I personally believe, the heart and God should dictate a relationship, not age! Sometimes I think we just need someone to persuade us to open our eyes to what we already know, I think that was the case in this story. It was an interesting read and I love the happy ending!
I love this story! It had me chuckling and I was reminded a but of myself. I often play "devil's advocate" just for that exact reason. It helps my kids figure things out for themselves. Great writing!
Well written and I'm glad you got a happy ending!
Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations on highly recommended pick! I loved this cute story. God Bless~