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I like down to earth,'tell it like it is,'stories with characters I can identify with. These two were very credible and their discussion was a worthwhile message that can apply to all of us.

It had the ring of a true account and I suspect that you are Pastor Kelvin, although that also means that you're the foul mouthed fool - so maybe that's why you almost got shot!

A good story with sound teaching!
Nicely done. God Bless~
I have always heard it said that those who have been Christians most all of their lives have the greater testimony than those pulled from the grips of hell because they have not been swayed by the temptations of Satan, they have lined their will with Gods and stood against the temptations and allowed God to keep them and that requires amazing faith and strength of will. So this young man HAS a great testimony and as the story says, he just has to form it into words where people can grasp how God has given him strength to win through many battles. I enjoyed this read and the pondering path it took me on! Good job!
This is a charming story. How true it is we all have a story abouthow Jesus influences our lives and it is important to share it with others.
I enjoyed this story, and it's so true. Sometimes when being raised in church, one can feel less qualified to speak than others who have had really dramatic conversion experiences, but everyone has a testimony. Great job!
Yes, everyone has a testimony. Sometimes it just takes a while to pull it together. An enjoyable read.
You know, this actually works pretty well for "persuasion" too, if you ask me. :)

I liked this. Though I kind of wish we had seen the MC's final testimony also.

Nice job with this.
Well written, Noel, and so very true. I have heard far too many 'testimonies' that give more glory to the devil than to the Lord - and get more attention, but don't add more to the kingdom of God. God bless you.
Hi Noel,

I loved your story. So many testimonies of failure and repentence, and not nearly enough from those who were raised "as unto the Lord" and have lived their lives accordingly. Linda Goergen's comments were so appropriate. We need more testimonies like this, that glorify our Lord Jesus. His last words on earth commanded us to go into all the world and deliver the good news. He didn't say, if you've failed miserably and I've had to pick you up, go and tell. No, he just said we are all to go and let others know about Him.

God's blessings to you!
I cringe when I hear testimonies that expound on the former life of sin, especially those that go into too much detail. You story perfectly illustrates a better solution. I could see Brett listening to and being led by the Spirit in your final paragraph. You've given this a lot of thought and give your reader much to consider. Thanks.