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Good story. I found it a little hard to follow with the dialect but that's just me. A few grammatical errors but nothing major. Good job.
Blessings, Lynda
Great job! I think you did an excellent take on the dialect -- very authentic Scottish verbage! Enjoyed!
I enjoyed your story! Liked the characters also!
Well done! You wrote the dialect so effectively that I wanted to dance an Irish jig. Very sweet story.
I felt like I was right there with Mary and Molly! Delightful!
Lovely story. Good writing and it flowed well. I found the characters really alive. Well done!
Oh Dub! I care!

I took a while to get used to the accents too, and her wanting money then refusing it confused me, but I loved the story. The characters shone through, I really like the two knee patches in the dust, and that Molly was still wearing the yellow skirt when she left! Typical teen behaviour, typical motherly thoughts!
I think Molly used to be me when I was 16! Whenever I snuck out of the house wearing less than was appropriate for my mother, I would get caught. I love this story. The dialogue is fantastic! Well done:)
(had to use your link -since your clue was halfway through lol). I loved it -love the lilt of the language -and I could relate to this line "Her demand was yet to reach the fever pitch of her red hair." :)
I enjoyed reading this. Loved the dialogue - had such a musical quality. And the spots in the dust - wonderful!
I suspected this Northern Irish story might be yours..Nicely written, and given the spiritual state of the country I'm not surprised she had to go up to the attic to find a Bible :)
I thought this was yours Dub...of course I thought a couple others were also! lol! Your writing is always polished and well refined. This is no exception. Dialect worked well. Excellent! :-)
I really enjoyed this. Dirty knees, who knew. Well-written!
Sorry - so dense about the clue! But I'm glad I hunted you down (or up?) because this was a delight to read. Enjoyable and so true in any language! :) Loved the dialect!
Loved the way you brought to life these two characters - both very true to life!