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Loved the analogy and currently fruit flies have been a real annoyance so for me it was a must read :)
Ha ha ha- I'm still chuckling about the teacher's note- nice reflection!
This was humorous and so cute--I just had to continue to read. Very lighthearted truths to your story that hopefully will fruit-fully fly. Love ya much in Christ, littlelight
Man! Am I happy I didn't do fruit flies too! A fellow QLDer and you did almost the same thing! Spooky. I used to live in Cairns, and had fruit flies picking at our mango tree. Oh, the memories. You wrote it nicely but you could have slammed the point home harder.
This would make a great devotional! The theme of fruit flies gave the whole thing coherence. Somehow without a specific example of the love and care you experienced in Queensland would have drawn it all tighter. I really liked the mention of the garbage seeking variety fly versus the fruit fly and how we should seek to be more like the fruit fly. (Maybe seeking the nectar of God's Word?) Blessings!
Amen - there's great content here! Yes, to be accepted ... to be loved ... to seek the good nutritious fruit instead of the garbage like the common fly. Lord, make me a fruit fly! (Um - did I really pray that? Thanks ... I think!)
I liked this too- funny and sweet- but would have like to have seen a more definate point (i.e. what exactly IS the "good stuff" we should be seeking?) Liked Sandra's idea of a specific example of Queensland love. A good entry.
I loved the first half, but you lost my interest a little on the second half... Great story, though. :-)
I kept coming back to this sentence: "start following the sweet perfume that leads to good, nutritious fruit," and thinking how I need to keep coming back to God's Word (perfume) if I want fruit in my life. Well done. I enjoyed this and found it inspiring. Keep writing.