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Nice job! Great humor packed into some good 'ol lessons that we each can relate to in some way. I really enjoyed this piece!Just one question-did the narator pray for patience beforehand?GRIN!(Usually that sort of thing happens when I have.:)
Good story with things with a scenario we can ALL relate to. I took it to a deeper level of "building a relationship with the Father and the Son" - laying the solid bricks of foundation which cements our relationship with God. Nice job. God Bless you.
This was a real comedy of errors. The humour in the way you wrote it was outrageous! I started to chuckle when 'the soft walled tyres loudly proclaimed "BANG"' and by the end I was hysterical! You took a frustrating situation and made it sound hilarious! It will be interesting to see who you are!
This must get first prize for the overload of comedy of errors. I wanted to be there to help, and to sort them out. Thanks!
Life can be "a comedy of errors" especially when we look back at some of the "laughs" it has given us. Enjoyed this humorous tale and your use of the word, 'slicko.' :)
All I can say is, it's a good thing you didn't try making your own bricks.
This WAS a comedy of errors! How many can there be in one simple little job?

If I may, one suggestion: eliminate the majority of the exclamtion points. Your sentences and humor are so strong, I think they could stand better with a simple period.

Perfect ending line. Great way to tie it all together!
Oh, I had such fun with, visualizing it all the way through! Great take on his week's topic and well written! God bless!
If I didn't know better, I'd be asking if it was my husband who wrote this story. Not because he writes, but because this sure sounds a heck of a lot like something he'd do, only there'd be a grumpy wife next to him saying, "I told you we should have sprung the $50 for the other trailer." :)

well told. really. and I agree with commenter (forget who now) who said, easy on the !!!!'s :)
Great story with lots of action. Sometimes I got bogged down with detail, and the "we" factor could have been downplayed (25 of them). I had to reach across the Continents to scratch my definition of "encrusted.":-)Always love your play on words; you have a real knack for it.

One of my favorites this week--pun included!
Such a comical readbutit is so good you can look back on this and see the comedy in it now, but I doubt it was anything but comical at the time! LOL I really laughed at your insights at the end! But I guess all well that ends well as it seems you did end up with your rec room and poolsometimes dreams come, just not as easily as we imagined! LOL Enjoyable read!
I meant I doubt it was comical at the time! (please excuse my senior moment)
Well done, great read and yes there is 'mortar' male hormones than most men understand. lol
Congratulations on your well deserved HC win!!!
Congrats on your placing, Noel. Oh how much you recalled trailer times in our past days. Thoroughly enjoyed your yarn, (and I love my !'s as well so don't mind yours!) God bless you.
Congratulations on a well told tale! I suspect this is one of those "family stories" that will know no end.
This is perfect for the topic. :) I was smiling the whole time I was reading your third paragraph and the grand vision. :) I've seen our pickup loaded with floor tile, so can imagine the scene you describe perfectly. :) (and yes, we had to make several trips too) You thoroughly entertained me this evening.
...and super congratulations on your Highly Commended award!!!