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That was cute and made me smile. Our walk with God is an ever growing experience, and one of which I will never tire of, on the contrary. Thanks for this entry. God Bless you~
A fun story with a great message. Well done.
God keeps on laughing, so I did as well. Thanks for a peek into the adjustment from the carefree sixties to the restraints of nursing uniform fashion statements. It looks like you took a turn for the nurse...
A great snapshot of the fun you found within the pressure of caring for people.
I suspect I know the identity of this anonymous author, but I can wait ot find out.
I enjoyed your story even though I hate hospitals and needles. I've been known to faint at the prick of the needle, but cope better now because they decided to change the words from 'you'll just feel a prick' to 'you'll just feel a scratch'. What a difference word makes.
Thanks for sharing!
Oh this left me grinning! Nice style and good job packing your whole nursing journey into so few words. Not an easy thing to do. Great writing!
Great story. Being a nurse myself I identified with most of your experiences. My first injection was given to a patient who was semi-comatose. Her reaction to my stick, "Oh, a bee sting." LOL
Congratulations on your well deserved first place win!!! I enjoyed your story beginning to end, it was masterfully written, entertaining, funny and had a good message! Kudos!
Now I do know who you are, but it's not about me. Well done Danielle. Great story.
I enjoyed your story. It was different, very funny and showed how we learn through all kinds of foibles in life. Congratulations!
This was a fun story, enjoyed it very much. Good job.
Congratulations Danielle...A well deserved win! I enjoyed this story so much. Great job. God Bless~
I loved this! It made me smile and giggle. You are very talented at painting a mental picture.

You took me back to my student nurse days in the 80's. My first injection was the opposite of yours. My lol (which stood for lil ole lady long before laugh out loud) had nothing to her bottom. I remember hitting bone instead of flesh! I thought I was going to hit the floor.

I've often said I should write down some of my escapades, your story certainly has inspired me! I can clearly see why it is a winner. You have a delightful sense of humour and are quite talented.