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Great reminder that we should always be a reflection of Him. Good job, good writing! God bless
Good lesson in consistency, but it suffered slightly from a too-formal intro to an old story. (And do you know how to recognise a Christian fish? It has a picture of a car on its tail!)

Your intro may have been more "arresting" if you had invited readers to "Imagine your frustration. You're running late and the immovable object in front of you is a super-conscientious driver - and his major purpose in life seems to be to add to your delay!"
Just a suggestion, but thenn, I'm not a judge - though I'd like to be; to throw the book at that driver!!!
Excellent example. Made me think about my behavior sometimes when things don't go well. Thanks for the Scripture and neat story.
God works in mysterious ways. I stumbled upon this topic and realized I hadn't read many of the stories. I felt an urge to read and comment the ones that didn't have many comments. Then I read your entry and realized God was pushing me to read, not to encourage others, but because I needed this message. After 23 years of being sick and frequently hospitalized, I was granted a reprieve in July but the last 2 weeks, I've felt my illness creeping back. I've wanted to give up. Thanks to your words, I realize that the way I handle my illness is an example to others. I can't give up on myself and I know God won't either :)