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Wow- that was unsettling, but somehow powerful. The best part for me was this line,Its because they serve Jesus Christ. Death isnt the end; its like a promotion." Amen to that. Interesting read. God Bless~
I thought this to be a chilling story from the book of Revelation and the tribulation period, but this line threw me : But that was years ago. Do you still feel the same today?, because the worst part of the tribulation period, where they would be killing Christians, seems to be about three and a half years and I got the impression from that line, the girl was implying her grandfathers deeds were many years backbut maybe I got the wrong impression and the years does mean that short a timeThen too I thought it maybe it being Nazi Germany, but that didnt fit either with the son still killing Christianseven his own familybut oh well, enough of my pondering! LOL

At any rate whenever this was supposed to be - it is a sobering account of the difference of how the mind and heart think and react - how the conscience can be pricked or severed, with God and without! And truly, if there ever was a time to be earnest about ones faith, it would be when they are killing Christians, for the alternative is dreadful! Powerful piece - engaging read!
The ultimate sacrifice, and a reminder of how many others can be won for the Kingdom of God by those who are prepared to pay the price.
The scenario is repeeated often, worldwide.
Vivid! A sinner's conscience complicated by a memory so harsh it's despicable. Yet Love. Yet Love. Yet Love.
I tried to locate the historical or geographical setting, but you did not provide such a luxury. Just as well, because the failure to overcome God's people by force is happening anywhere and all the time.
Great dialogue.
I had a little trouble following this but it is a very powerful message; especially family turning on its own. With some editing for clarity I think your message will be enhanced...excellent potential for a riveting story here.
Wow a very powerful story. It's amazing how God can use something horrific for his glory if we just let him.

Small editing note, Make sure you consistently capitalize words like Grandpa and Dad when they are being used as names.

Congratulations for ranking 10th in level 3.