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Oh my goodness can I relate to this, whether this is a true account or not it is certainly close to an actual experience I had myself this week!

My mom is in the hospital having surgery and I have been caring for dad who is 86 and has diminished brain function since a stroke about 8 months ago, by myself this week and I left him alone for 10 minutes, sitting in my recliner, telling him to stay put until I could take care of necessary needs for myself and when I came back he was gone! I ran to upstairs and looked and then to his house next door and he was nowhere to be found, then I thought maybe he went down the driveway to get the mail - so I wasted 10-15 searching all the wrong places but when I came back up the driveway I saw him laying by an old shed of ours and he had somehow (will never know where he got the strength!) moved a ladder laying on the ground there, up against the wall and tried to climb it and fell! I called paramedics and he was taken to ER and praise God he only had bruising and sore ribs but nothing serious - and like this story I was so happy he was okay, I forgot all about being upset with him! LOL
We too have a pond and was I dreading looking there, when I saw him - so youre story is so realistic!!

Let me tell you caring for elderly parents (or grandparents) with diminished reasoning is more difficult than anyone can imagine until they do it!
Anxiety filled with love and faith. This is a beautiful slice of life across the generations. LOved it.
Having worked in a retirement home for five years I know all about wondering where someone with dementia has gone to. We find them in all sorts of places and usually oblivious to the fact they were lost in the first place. You capture the worry and relief well. I found this really went through the emotions of the family as they search.