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Enjoyed your story but not sure I'm understanding the ending. It comes across to me that Noah didnt really get the true message. Was that your intent?
I like the general concept of this story. It's a hard thing to balance the abundance of God's blessings in our lives with the charity we should afford others. How much is too much for 'me' to keep, and how little is too little to give away to others?
Like Anita I am a bit confused by the ending too at one point you say one day, the message got through to him but then it seems he just ignored it and had what he wanted painted on. It seems Noah was so caught up in works he forgot the faith And all those works will be nothing when he stands before God! Good message!
I get the idea of the story and the 'much ado about nothing' aspect as well

The 'shining lights' may not always be the true ministers, seeing the real need which is before them.
The sin of pride focuses on self promotion rather than the the area of real need, and the self aggrandishment certainly makes much ado about nothing.
Without a God-centred and focused ministry, the outcome is emptiness and really does creat that feeling of 'much ado about nothing.'
On the other hand, when the focus is removed from the individual, as your character has finally come to realise, real need can be revealed by God.

I admit at first it was a little difficult to identify where you were going with this until your overall plan emerged.
The analagy works well, in the end.
An interesting story that I thoroughly enjoyed - must admit you had a meaning to your ending but I couldn't crack the code either.
I think you wanted us to know that this man is in love with himself. He loves his "I am a helper-Ego". His credo is: "I am a Do-Gooder", etc... That's what this is about, I assume. And you were playing on "no heart". A bit tough because the main character of your story can't stand seeing people suffer and that is genuine. It is just that the reason why he can't stand it, isn't really true compassion but something else. I am not certain what this something else is, though.
I feel the character is too shallow and really deservers to be developed further - but that is impossible in 750 words. Thanks for posting.
I loved your ending, I loved that you made us think, to question just how much of it he really got and that it doesn't need to be neatly tied up to be good.

Sad sad man in a place where any minister needs to be careful that they are not following Noah's steps.

Excellent story and on the theme, well done. Cheers
Sad story, but too often repeated. Well drawn scenario.
Very sad ending. I was hoping he would see the error of his ways. No Hart ministries is a great title for this piece.
Quite a picture you painted of No Heart Noah! I enjoyed it.
Clever! This is an "open to interpretation piece, unless you expand it further. If only I knew what the "neat, golden letters said." I love your play on words in the title. Despite a bit of weakness in characterization and plot development, I thought your message carried the day.
Sorry, my " are all askew, or not at all.:-)
This is a good story and I enjoyed it. In today's world it is becoming easier and easier for some to take credit for God's work.Some people just get overwhelmed by power and money. A clever plan ofSatan's that all Christians should make note of.

I did notice at times you slipped from showing to telling. I think the word limit might have limited you to show at times. You can cut out many little words like the once in Somebody once asked... Also in the sentence: Noah was doing it all. You switched from past tense to present changing it to: Noah did everything, keeps the tense consistent while eliminating two more words. In the next paragraph you repeat the words organization and lots. Just changing little things like that will free up your word count and let you do more showing.

I enjoyed your pompous character and felt that he could be a member of many churches. The message is also a great one. You did an awesome job.

Congratulations for ranking 6th in level 3 and 20th overall!