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Barney needs a lot more than Marge, his dough and his boat back - he needs God and a good dose of common sense! LOL LOL This was an interesting read for sure! LOL
It's back to the drawing boards for Barney, or is he about to take up deep sea diving? Didn't Confucius say, "Better to be thought a fool than to remove all doubt?" You have set the stage for chapter two with an enjoyable read.
And your mc's worst mistake was his marriage! I loved, even more than your crowning pun, your list of useless inventions.
I agree with you, your ending pun was awful! So awful it was great! LOL! And I agree with Linda about Barneys need for God and some common sense. Poor ol Barn. Was his last name Fife by any chance? What a fun read.
huh very funny, I liked it. I have ice-cube makers for Eskimos do you think Barny would be interested in those?

Well done I enjoyed it.
Ha ha! I also really enjoyed this, especially the humourous touches (FUN in Funeral--brilliant!). I didn't immediately see the week's theme coming through, although your last manages to pull it in. A very enjoyable read.
A good amusing story that I thoroughly enjoyed and liked a lot!
I didn't like this story at all. None of the characters have any redeeming values...marge is a gold-digger, the inventors are trying to take Barney for a sucker, Barney is a sucker...nope, nothing to ike at all. But, overall, I loved it. It was a great read and a fantastically horrible experience. Great job! :)
An enjoyable read and interesting story with a closure capturing the essence of this week's topic very well. Great sense of humor. Well done!
What a fun read! I especially enjoyed your list of possible inventions. Great writing.
Marge's SWOT analysis made me smile, as did all the schemes Barney invested in (from those located north of the Antarctic Circle). :) I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Barney. Can you write a sequel where Barney makes a few life changes and lives happily ever after? I enjoyed this very much.
and YOUR LAST LINE -- "Marge, our dough, our boat, nothing!" (sounds strangely like the topic!) You made up this whole story so you could use this line, didn't you? :) LOL!
Oh YES! I missed that until Beth pointed it out...
hmmm, yes
Marge our dough our boat Nothing! said really fast three times...
Oh how clever you are! Giggling!
Hi Noel,
Nice job with your entry, I enjoyed it...Your writing is so enjoyable.

Thank you for your comments on my article! It is appreciated.

God Bless you and yours~
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