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I hope this guy really does become a teacher, then he might view his misdeeds from a different perspective.
The poem is a well written 'tongue-in-cheek' look at the difference in attitudes between youths and adults.

I loved the humour.
Oh, I didn't pick up it was a guy - I thought it was a naughty girl! The teacher was a saint! Enjoyed!
The poor, poor teacher:) Very cute poem. I'm sure he will get paid back eventually. If he doesn't become a teacher, he will surely become a father with one or two just like him! Haha!
Fun, light, easy to read poem that would be great in a book of children's poetry. I really enjoyed it.
This brought back memories of my high school days, because without all of your MC's misdeeds, I also knew I would one day be the same kind of fun-filled teacher that your MC dreams of becoming. Thankfully, God had a better idea for my future.
This is well written and reminds me of some kids in my classes growing up. I wonder, as the 'good kid' in school, whether the 'class clowns' grow out of their mischief or continue down a path of ... well, really it's disrespect for authority? Or maybe I'm just making a fuss over nothing! Either way, it's a great read and very interesting to consider things from the child's perspective! Well done.
I'm sure you must have watching other students in other classrooms, cause this would never happen in yours!
I agree with Joan, I think children would quite enjoy this! Wonder if the MC IS now a teacher and if so, what rules they have! LOL Lighthearted poke at a child’s misunderstanding of rules – that most rules are for good reason. On a serious side, I think too many people take this attitude with God’s rules, never seeing that they are there for our own good. Enjoyed this and the pondering it evoked.