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Love it! Very fun!
Loved it. I bet the cat is still up there :)
This is great! Hooked me in and kept me going! This sounds like my grandson! Loved it too!
Cute! I love the title too ... had I paid more attention to it, I wouldn't have been wondering, "What's this got to do with fruit?" You had me well and truly! Very entertaining.
Excellent! One of my favorites ever. Good job!
HA! This was great! Gotta love those twists! Keep em coming!
Well done.
Blessings, Lynda
Ha ha ha! Funny twist! You make me laugh.
Perfect title for a great story! What a creative delight!
Wow! I loved the twist to this. Your first paragraph was a great hook and you kept the excitement up through to the revelation at the end. I loved the image of 'enemy' cows being pelted with fruit! Very good rang of emotions, great job!
Great job, great twist, well written!:) Karen
This was AWESOME Amy! Wow, what fun! Very imaginative!
Very very good. Wow, I must have really misunderstood your hint...i thought i had already read yours. Great the enemy cows.
Excellent imagery, both in and out of the dream.. Great job. One question though... what is it with dreams this week... LOL.
(Squeal) I loved it! I thought they were in the middle of a war somewhere, but you fooled me. The imagination of a child is so vivid. I remember watching a cartoon episode when I was a child about a boy named Harold who daydreamed all day in class and had the most fantastic adventures! Thanks for writing this terrific article:)
HA! HA! This was so funny and creative! the story carried the reader along right to the cute ending!!Excellent!
I wondered if it was a computer game and was so delighted to find otherwise. Good choices here, well written!
10/23/05 got me! What a clever twist! I thought you were talking about my son. Sounds like his typical type of play! Cute story; good job! Jo
Amy, as always, very, very clever. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you ranked 7th in the Level 3 list, and 15th overall (out of 135 entries). So well done! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I'm so glad you pointed it out to me!!! LOVED it - I've dodged a few of those mines in my day lol