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Great word picture, and even greater point... Nice job!
I saw early on where this might be going and thought what a sad but quite accurate commentary on behavior prior to the start of a church service, but you brought this to a very beautiful and hopeful conclusion, which I have also observed in real life (and in myself!) Great handling of the subject.
I love the way you allow the reader to see the individual picture-book scenes, then shift our vision to them as a group blending together with combined purpose worshiping! What an awesome and telling line And, everything that was about nothing became something." This is so creatively crafted and presented wonderful job of meeting the challenge and wonderful message! KUDOS!!!
Good description. Good message!
The starting seems to be like a scene within a shopping mall or in the subway train. Glad all things come to a point of quiet when it's time to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords. A nicely written piece with a very clear message.
Congratulations on your well deserved first place win...I am so glad you won, this was my favorite!
Congratulations on your win. I love how you have brought all those snapshots of nothing in particular together; in praise to the God who is everything. Well done.
Congratulations and thanks for your comments. Good to meet new people from faith wirters. Stan
CONGRATULATIONS on your win! Great observations made here and so very true. Made me think about entering worship. Often my mind is flooded with a mounting list of "to do's" I must accomplish as soon as the service ends. But, entering into His presence should not be like that at church or anywhere. A very valuable lesson. THANK YOU!