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Love the ripples analogy and working into a wonderful devotional. Great writing!
Excellent story with forgiveness as the theme. I loved the cascading and rippling effects from the rock that Meg threw into the pond & then from "The Rock" who hung on a tree/cross for us, and His ultimate sacrifice, and how He forgave us all. Loved it, good read and excellent message. God Bless you~
Compelling metaphors in a very well written story that held my attention. You did a good job of touching emotions without becoming melodramatic. Great job!
This is a great story. Meg's heartbreak feels so very real. The pain sin incurrs was amazingly well described. And the power of atonement and reconciliation that have a counteracting rippling effect were very well placed in this story. A dead relationship between a daugther and her dad coming alive again because Jesus conquered the sting of death and forgave all sin. The price you have to pay for all of this, is true Gospel. So many get tempted into testimonials that end like this: "... and then they lived happily ever after", which is a "fabric softener" approach that puts sugar icing on all human drama and call's it grace. You didn't do that. Sin remains sin, pain remains pain and living with the consequences and learning to love each other inspite of all the pain remains a reality - but all with the help, the love and the atoning power of Christ.
Powerful images and insights into your MC. You've pulled no punches here, and you've opened up a promise of healing without falling into the trap of wrapping it all up inside this word limit. There's a book here: to trace the crime; the trial; the regret at every level and the details of the struggles this family have been forced into; how dad made his peace (and his inner struggles) with God, and then the steps into reconciliation.
You show such skill in profiling inner turmoil that I'm sure it would bless every reader. (And here you were, wondering about what to apply to next week's topic - sorry about that, Chief...)
Blessings on you.
Congratulations on your second place win - this wonderfully written story of forgiveness is so deserving of the win!!! Great job!
And now for that book I mentioned..... Congratulations on your second placing.
You've packed this with emotion and your message is like the phoenix rising from the ashes of their lives. This is wonderful, Brenda! Super congrats on your ribbon!
I enjoyed reading this story, which quickly captured and held my attention. The imagry of the ripples is very effective, and the emotions between the father and child are very powerful.
An excellent story which deserves its 2nd place in the writing competition!