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Boy, "sulking" indeed! This gal could write the book on how to throw a hissy fit. Flora's reaction to her disappointment seemed a bit unbelievable to me (and that's just me.) My favorite lines: "list of misdemeanors as long as a hockey stick" and "cupboard full of cliches" - nice!
I think we have all encountered "tantrum pouters" in our life; and this one seemed a handful that was evident from day one. However, I thought she would have been younger, I was surprised to see she was 16- an age where the child has been disengaged and the metamorphosis of a young adult emerges. Perhaps that was what the ending foretold, the young lady became an adult. Interesting story, and certainly fell in line with the subject matter. God Bless~
It's obvious you've had dealings with teenagers. However, they don't stay teens forever but are becoming adults and parenting them is very necessary and worth it. I appreciate your venture into the turbulent topic... the line about ignoring becoming rebellion, is very true.
Wow this girl was certainly self-absorbed - I think the parents were the most punished just having to deal with her! LOL But it was an interesting read seeing how the characters played it out. Glad for a positive outcome. Good show of the parents loving patience, as God so often has to have with us!
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