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Ha! Sounds like this may be part of your own family history? A great story to pass along, particularly to the offender's future fiance. :) I think it would've been more enjoyable to read if told as a fictionalized story, or simply written as a non-fiction piece, without the labels: setting, crime, perpetrator, etc. Thanks for sharing! :)
This was so interesting. I am always intriqued by fellow writer's stories. It was well written and amusing too, although I don't know if that was your intent. I really liked your adjectives, and metaphors. I most especially smiles at the term "We all follow, in duckling like fashion..." Good Job! God Bless you, thanks for sharing~
This reads like an old-time radio broadcast or an entry on the police blotter, but with a warm and amusing tone. Makes for a nice contrast.
A great story. Well written and easy to follow. I feel for the mother as this is absolutely something my children would do. Enjoyed it!
Well written and realistic and I loved the ending – the punishment being the story retold and retold through the years in the family! What a punishment poor little dear! LOL Such a delightful read!
That humorous “punishment” you thought to write in at the end deserved first place alone, let alone the rest of the well written story - so happy for your win – Congratulations!
Ohhhh, the shame of entering family folklore for all the wrong reasons....
Great story that resonates with anyone who knows that joy of family life. Loved the descriptions and word pictures in a well-deserved 1st placing. Congratulations.
You did it! Congratulations!!

Yes, that's nice. Congratulations to you for that lesson
As one who has contributed to many family stories, I admit I loved it! The punishment is always never ending in cases like this. :). Congratulations!