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As I watched that story on television I reflected exactly as you have drawn out here.
The search for meaning is so empty when we approach it from the human perspective only.

Your ducks are well lined up and you make your point emphatically.

I enjoyed reading.
I like how you hav edrawn a challenge out of a narrative without getting too heavy in the process. The small typo of "his way on no way" gets in your way - but an even smaller typo did some much more serious collateral damage to my entry this week - so I'm not being the first sinless one to cast any stones!!!
Good flow of thought throughout.
I had not heard the story of Chris McCandless and so I found the story of what he did and your evaluation of it an interesting read. It is sad how so many people waste their lives in vain pursuit of meaning that will never come apart from God! Enjoyed this read.
"In the end, it is human arrogance which causes people to miss the truth that was right under their nose all along." This is so true, great reminder and well-written, thank you!
COngratulations on your article being chosen. It was an intense read, well written. God Bless you~
Great work for a well-deserved placing.