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I was walking my dog this morning with perfect weather. I stopped to gush over the blossoms on my squash plants. I live in this idyllic little part of the world because of the many brave men and women (both past and present) thank you for reminding me to Rejoice in the day that the Lord has made.who have fought for my ability to see the joy in a squash blossom. Your touching and realistic story reminded me to give thanks for the wonderful things in my little world. The story of the two soliders was so realistic I felt like I could have been in that cave with them. Great message,
Except to a soldier that has been there, it is unimaginable what arrays of feelings and emotions must be provoked as they go against human nature, putting themselves in harm way, instead of running away from it. How weary it must be battling the need to fight against their own bodies will for self-preservation. I can see how the need for even a few moments of peace could overpower them! How expertly you have shown this! My heart ached for all the soldier’s inner and outward battles as I read this, battles they fight, as Shann said, to give us our freedoms! Soldiers all too often, underappreciated for what they do!

And yes, as your story brings out, we face spiritual battles just as real and our flesh often wants to run from the enemies’ weapons instead of facing the attack and fighting! But thank God, Jesus is our refuge, our strength and our shield! And just as God’s word strengthened Joe in that hole, it strengthens us!

This story and its message was wonderfully and effectively written! Great job!
Thank you for this piece, shining a light on the sacrifices of our men and women fighting for our freedoms. Very well-done.
Wow! Makes me wonder what else happened in those trenches. Excellent story telling.
Great writing, in its descriptiveness, its emotions and its sense of bring =ing us right into the setting. Well done.
Your vivid descriptions bring war right into the living room. I like the way you showed the despair and the hope of the soldier, the hope he held onto long after the battle.
Amazing to read...I loved this artile, it brings the reality of what "war" is and what our soldiers go through on the battlefield. Thank you for sharing this with us; God Bless you and all of our military people who sacrifice so much for our freedom. God Bless you~