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Yikes! What a scene! It was hard for me to read without thinking of my own kids. You definitely made it very real - I never thought about what it must have been like for the people back then whose sons were killed. The action was intense and the writing was creative and well thought-out. Excellent job - but I don't think I'll be reading it again. :-)
Blessings, Lynda
Yes, painful read, but like the movie "The Passion", I think the real event was certainly that terrible. Good job.
'Poison fruit', 'the fruit of our union' ... yep, there is fruit here alright. Very violent, but I guess that's the way it was, eh. You've brought to life something that we rarely consider - we usually focus on how the Messiah was spared this. Good job.
Gripping and graphic, a skillful telling of a dark moment in history.
The imagery is powerful and the telling restrained just enough to make this a compelling read. Excellent. God bless.
I've got goosebumps. Powerful story.
Powerful and gripping as expected from you!!!

Am I the first to get the 50 quatnoos?
Gripping, intense, terrifying - everything we expect from you. But what I DIDN'T expect was a mistake: 'shudders' instead of 'shutters'.
Wow! What imagery. I held my breath waiting to find out what I knew already would be the outcome-- death. Great article.
The story makes me cry even reading it in the Bible, tough to read. Then again, I wouldn't go see the Passion, either.
Gutwrenching for any mother to read but written with high-end emotion and tension. Well-written as usual! I need some claming cammomile tea now. :)
Powerful and gut-wrenching Maxx - an excellent piece of writing (as always). I'm just stopping by to let you know that "Poison Fruit" ranked 28th overall (out of 135 entries). So well done! I really have to say that there wasn't much separating the entries in the top 30. It was very close. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Oh my, I felt like I was going to throw up. It's so funny because I always think that you go into such graphic detail regarding deaths/murder, but you don't. But because you paint your words so well, I see sooooooo much. That's the mark of a pro. Great work. (in a errie sort of way.) Great angle with the topic. Surprised this only ranked 28. I find it so strange that you're probably the best writer on this site, yet you don't place as often as others (whom I won't name). Weird. There wasn't anything I found wrong in this piece. I really liked the dialogue. It sounded very realistic and in line with the historical aspects. All in all. A+++++