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Delightfully told with a reminder to be ready always, not only for the final checkout but for those unexpected moments in life that keep us on our toes. A fun read with a pertinent message.
Your passion for preaching and your talent for writing both shine here,
blending into entertaining, amusing perfection to deliver some powerful spiritual truths!
Great job! Loved the read!
Your creative "trialogue" makes sense and your philosophy "If you can't remember what you have to say before you've said it: how can you expect them to remember is after you've said it?" bought a smile. That's quite a tongue-twister. :) I would have liked to have seen your congregation's reaction to the "mere filament of his imagination," too. :) You've had the most fascinating people as part of your congregations. When I read your soft-spoken Bob's "And I was pleased," -- I think my reaction mirrored your flocks.
If this is just a sample, I know I'd love to hear you preach. Your passion for the Lord, your love for your congregation, and your delightful sense of humor contribute to your success as a minister and as a writer.
I, too, would love to be a part of your congregation! This was a delightful read. Well done.
I would love to be in your congregation sometime!) Loved this!
Me too. I'd love to be a member of your congregation. Could we get a bus trip organised? I'm in full agreement with all those above comments and I especially liked your clever title. By that alone I would have known it was you! Great piece. Keep 'em coming!
Noel can you teach me how to take the mess out of message please?

Danielle, do you think that bus to Noel's church could leave from Europe, I would like to come and hear as well.

Well done Noel, I enjoyed the read. I am also into 'trialogue'. Anyhow well done and God bless. Cheers Kel
Delightful read and well-written.
I would rather hear a spontaneous message rather than a prewritten one. Your congregation is blessed to have you as their minister.
Love, love, love pastors and pastoral stories. This was well written, entertaining and delightful. A definite favorite. God bless!
Great behind the scenes story. I love how you presented it and how you showed us the hearts of your congregation. I really thought that you opened it up for others to share, you were going to tell us about how that was a mistake (I've heard other pastors say to avoid that at all costs), but I love that you didn't have that experience, that you saw God at work in those moments. Great piece!
As a pastor's kid, I've witnessed my fair share of pulpit bloopers and appreciate them greatly. Thanks for the fun read!
God is always in control! He alone knows when our final checkout will be. Well written and an excellent piece. I enjoyed the voice of the MC and the spontaneity of how the whole story is relayed.
I teach public speaking and I try to instill in my students many of the principles you expressed so well. But they don't get to ask the audience to tell stories too. Preaching is a very special form of public speaking. Too bad not all my students can depend on the Holy Spirit to see them through.