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nicely written slice of life story. It is always fun to revisit memories (of our own or others) and see how they have impacted our lives. Good job.
I'm impressed how quick thinking on your feet you were as the story went on:) Great skills for a nurse, mother, and wife, for sure! Love this story - and I like how it turned out to be a love story and true at that! Ahhhhh SWEET!
I was amused at the 28 - middle-aged line too. But I know I felt that way when I was in my teens. (quite a few decades ago). :) I also worked in a department store, with similar experiences. (except for the gun-point one :) ) You've made this completely engaging and your title is perfect!
A cops & robbers, adventure, and love story all rolled into one. I loved it. Good writing! Keep it up! God bless!
Very well-written, at least that's what my geriatric 62 year old brain thinks.
I really enjoyed this read…I agree with Laury, I too was impressed at such quick and wise thinking at an early age! I like the little bit of love story thrown in too! This sneak-peek/ slice of life was entertaining and left me with a smile!
An interesting read!