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Aha! Big Sis is watching. We've had it wrong all these years:) Excellent sci-fi piece.
I love this! I want to read the rest of the story - please, when (not if!) you write this as a full novel, let me know! A very scary concept of the future that will probably come about; maybe not as nano-bots, but the general idea of us all linking in to one main 'sis'. An excellent story, well done.
Well-written. Kept my interest from the beginning to the end.
The sequel to Big Brother - Big Sis? Excellent creativity! I enjoyed the sci-fi feel and the immersion into a century far, far away. Somehow I don't think this story is ready to let you go yet.
Wow...a very riveting story. I loved it. Well written and thought provoking, thought I had turned on the Twilight Zone. God bless!
Good writing and well-thought through. The follow-on from last week is clear, and I am also looking forward to seeing hwat will be in the next episode.
From Big Bro to Big Sis to Big Cuz?
I am so glad the story did not die with the professor last week! Very intriguing and engrossing plot and I can’t wait for the next episode! Terrific Job!
You had me on the edge of my seat wondering what happened. Very intense and suspenseful sci-fi piece, love it! Great job writing this.