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this is quite chilling in its creativity. Held my interest to the end. Some of it was a little hard to follow and I would love to see you work on this some more: character development, motivation etc. Of course you can only do so much with the word count restraint. Nevertheless, very readable and thought provoking story.
Whew, scary stuff! Lots going on here. I admired your MC's bravery and trust.
This is a scary story and I hope and pray it never comes down to this here on earth. I love your title - very appropriate!
Chilling is the right word for this very creative story. You did a great job with the suspense. If God tarries, it is imaginable the a government beyond control could fashion a program such as this.
Very thoughtful and creative, and yes "chilling." I am SO impressed with your bravery (oh, not that you'd be retaliated against) but just to consider that such a thing could happen. Yes, it certainly could. I'm afraid I would be hesitant to look that steadfastly into the horror of what might be ahead. God bless you.
Your creativity on the topic is certainly unique. God help us that it never comes to this. Cleverly written and definitely holds a reader's interest. God bless!

What fun, I enjoyed the read, horrible subject. Well done kept me reading and annoyed with the government until the very end. cheers
Chilling tale and not too far from what may happen. If physicians and medical care become scarce, rationing will occur. Only strong, productive, citizens and those with enough money to purchase treatment will live. Those of us who are sickly, elderly, and non-contributors to society, will be extinguished.
Really great concept. I felt a few parts could have been tightened up to increase the tension. Excellent opener!
Great, creative and riveting piece. I wish the word limit didn't exist because I would have liked to have read more about the staging and organizing of the first rescue and where it all ends. Great job!
Well-written for its scary element, and a great parable of how the Author of life will not be denied by eugenics.
You have certainly created an ominous looking future, that, as others have said, is not as far-fetched a scenario as some might think. Fascinating read!
A chilling and very inventive take on the topic. I think your transitions between future and past were effective in moving the story forward. Nice job.
A creative and imaginative piece of work. I think it would be a better start to draw in the readers first if the second paragraph onwards take the lead as the starting point of the story. The first paragraph, if needed, can then come in later as a recollection. With a plot such as this, your story can possibly lead to many more chapters for a novel or movie.
creepy :-) chillingly cleverly crafted. Full of discussion debating opportunities about the ethics of a person taking on a job that is ethically wrong so that they can try and save people... think how many people they must have been involved in dispatching before they were able to save their on family....
great writing and full of as many layers as an onion.
they will like it or hate it a bit like modern art.
well done on placing 7th in the highest rankings for level 3 :-)
Wow! What an incredible story it has traces of real history of the holocaust and grabbed me from the very beginning. I do believe you have the making' of novel, a movie, or a TV show!.

Congratulations for placing 7th in level three!