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This was just too cute! I smiled all the way through. Good job, in fact, excellent job! God bless!
Okay -- this is hysterically funny; made me LOL. Talk about keeping my attention to the very end!
This is very funny! Thanks for the laugh.
hahaha:) Funny stuff... Clearly, some men should NOT do the grocery shopping even if they did use the last of the tp!
HILARIOUS!!! I was wondering if the scare of that was gonna be enough for him to need the toilet paper then and there...LOL LOL...
if a person REALLY believed the Rapture had happened and they were left behind, it would be enough to upset the stomach and more! LOL

TERRIFIC job on this...a very funny way to get people to contemplate a very serious subject...would they be ready if the Rapture happened right now?
A masterfully written message!

You made me laugh with your fun story. I loved the ending.
Funny, creative, original, an out-of-the-box handling of a serious message. This was GREAT! Wish I'd thought of it....
Creative & hilarious. Loved your arrangement of the story which rolled down like sheets of "Toilet Paper?" LOL
This is awesome! Great work!
I must admit I was a little 'flushed,' but thanks for a fun read.
You communicated the angst so very well, and so hilariously. Love the message wrapped in toilet paper.
great title and a great story... I was wondering why it as set outlike a poem when i was a story but of course those clever FW cottoned on to the roll out nature.
The one problem was that in the UK there is always an annoucement that the store is closing and if he was 1/2 hr late he would defo NOT be allowed to get the loo roll or maybe that was the crunch ...he would have to go home empty handed
I must admit I had an "uh oh" moment when I read the first three lines. I kept looking for the "accident" to occur.:) Thankfully, you went in another direction - a rather clever one I might add. For creativity, you've scored. Great title, too.
This was a delight to read. You have awonderful sense of humor. A similar thing happened to me when Iwas a teen (thinking I had been left behind, not the contemplation of the correct toilet paper.) I could easily relate to your MC.

Congratulations for placing 8th in level 3!