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HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cute story! Love it, Love it! ~Well done! Loved the dialogue and the role reversal.Cute ending!!
This was great! You have a wonderful sense of humor. The characters felt real and I enjoyed every word.
This flowed so smoothly and the humor throughout was great. The furniture-style description was perfect, "pre-loved." :) I had to laugh at the tp roll reversal. :) You gotta love the wife's wit here. :) This couple has a great story. I'd venture to say, they have a great marriage, too. :)
Entertaining w/ a nice flow. Keep up the good writing. :)
This is absolutely wonderfully written - absorbing and amusing beginning to end!

I chucked at the furniture being e-r-r-o-r, but I laughed out loud at role-reversal being toilet paper!!

I was so entertained by their cunning comebacks and which might out-do the other, I was sad to have it end! (doggone that 750 word limit! LOL) Although I do have to say the ending was great, with the reader left knowing Jeff would be better leaving well enough alone, with Stacey besting him with the dirty laundry chore! LOL

Applause and kudos for a terrific and talented submission!!!
This was adorable all the way through, from the description of the furniture to the toilet paper to the dialogue and the wife walking out at the end! Good job! God bless!
Fun entry! Thanks for the chuckle
What great witty dialogue and subtle conflict. Awesome work!
Loved the dialogue which flowed well and the banter between the characters. Realistic and well-written story.
I identified with your story. My husband and I have often traded places with one another over the years, usually due to our jobs.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fun piece. The changing toilet roll position brought a smile of role reversal change round remembrance. Thanks!
Ahhh ... loved it! Glad you're back with the funnies. It's got your stamp all over it, (or maybe it was the other one of you!)Great read. Talented stuff!
Delightful story--beginning to end. Creative idea for outlook with role reversal. The humor identifies the author right off!
An interesting read. Well done!
Congratulations for placing 9th in advanced and 25 overall!