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Love it! Your alliteration is superb.
Loved this! Like your MC, if I had the chance again, I'd undoubtedly miss the mark also! Good job! God bless!
Great job on this poem, your alliteration flows really well with topic without feeling forced (I would suggest though, possibly omitting the capital beginning each line)

The message of your poem so true, as I think most people, after salvation, truly regret that they did not serve the Lord sooner! And yes, without the knowledge we now have, most would again miss the mark in a life do-over! And even with the knowledge we now have, it would be a tough shot! LOL

Great reminder that we need to do the best with the one-shot life gives us, not dwell on past failures but, each new day, concentrate on Godly fulfillment!!

Great job showing the challenge word, writing well done!
I like this a lot. And though you say over, and over "if i could live my life over again", I think the message is that we can't and if we could we'd probably still mess things up - but guess what? God doesn't dwell on the past and neither should we. He is the God of "right here, right now". If we come to him now, that's good enough for him.

At least that's what I got out of it. :)
This is is something almost everyone can relate to, I know when my mom died suddenly at age 57 I wished for a do-over to warn her that the blood vessels in her head were about to rupture. I often think how different my life would be if she were still here. But then I'm gently reminded to live in today. You did a me job reminding me to look forward.
Nice! The ending was poignant
Great poem to remind us we only have once chance in this life and to make it count. I had a tough time dealing with my Dad's sudden death eleven years ago. If only I had been there. . . If only I had made him go to the doctor the last time I saw him. . . If only.

However, God is Sovereign and He knows best. Your poem also reminds me of Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who have been called according to his purpose. . ."
Very wistful stuff here, and I love that line about only getting one shot and not being a marksman.
Your final lines solidify the whole work. Excellent work and write on topic!
My mother often said, "If wishes were horses, beggars could ride," but that doesn't keep us from wishing we could change the past. You said it eloquently.
A well written piece with regrets written all over it, yet with hope in knowing what's right and the need to lean on lasting things. We may not be able to change the past, but we can have second or third tries with God as Lord of our lives to ensure we'll never miss again. God bless.
Congratulations for placing 7th in advanced and 23 overall!