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Very powerful and passionate piece and a story that can never be told too much...stark truth screams from your lines, of how women remain in prisons of abuse, from FEAR/low self image or seeing no way out and how bystanders will allow it from ignorance and deliberately blinded eyes!

This poem’s potent message of never allowing ourselves or others to be abused has purpose way beyond this challenge! May God use it!
There is a powerful challenge here for whoever reads this, and I agree that it needs to be spread further to a wider audience.
This echoes the cries of far too many and it is easy to look the other way and think mind your business but you showed that it is our business. We must hear those silent cries of help. Beautiful and my heart hurts for everyone who sees themselves in your words.
This is powerful and moving. God gives us eyes that we might see, but how often do we shut those eyes to what He tries to show us? Great message, but even more so because the structure, cadence and imagery is so powerfully written.

This is one of those pieces that humbles me as a writer. Great job!
So many great lines in this one! Wow. What a tale. Thanks
Speak it out sister, speak it out. I live in a block of apartments and have about eleven flats boarding ours, I pray through the screams of my neighbours, but I don't know where they come from.

Great message, horrible subject, bless you as you share it. Well well well done, please oh please write more. Cheers
It's awful when a man or woman suffers abuse - but praise God for so many wonderful relationships that are around. The message is clear it's not permissible to abuse another human being. Thanks!
A powerful reminder of real life. Unfortunately, the story of so many women and men.
WOW! Powerful piece with a message to bear in mind always! Well done.
A sad reality. We certainly need to be more sensitive in meeting the needs of the lonely and the downcast. I'm glad the poem ended on a positive note—a reminder of Romans 6:4 and 2 Corinthians 2:14. Excellent piece!
Congratulations for placing 6th in your level and 22 overall!