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Enjoyed this fresh look at
the parable of the rich man and Lazarus and of the power of Jesus' story-teaching.
Delightful re-telling of an old story and you did it extremely well. God bless!
This is a very cleverly written re-telling of the parable. I suspect it's you again!
When the rich man was told his brothers had Moses and the prophets (the scriptures) he responded, NO, father Abraham..." Wanting to do it his way got him into hell and he hasn't changed. You've picked a great story to retell in an interesting and well written way.
An interesting take on the story from quite a different POV. Using terms such as tycoon, tramp and five-star certainly brought this story up to date!
I had to laugh at your "so poor they could hardly pay attention." :) Your story-setting is rich with sounds and sights. I like your trans-era aspect to this. -- I can see a present day setting with your words like tycoon and tramp, and also a Biblical setting from the phrases "father Abraham" and knowing the meaning of names, "Lazarus -- 'God has helped'" and your reference to the storyteller's resurrection. (And in connection to the richman's statement concerning belief that his brothers "would repent if someone went back from the dead" -- history (and the Bible records) many living then did not believe the One who came back from the dead.
I like how you retold this story. It always amazes me of the arrogance of Lazarus even in Hell; for when he sees his servant on the other side he orders that he be allowed to dip his fingers and quench his thirst He is in hell and instead of repenting he still thinks he can order God around. He couldn't see his errors even in hell He sold his eternity for power on earth. Nice job.
Your retelling is wonderful Noel, I so enjoyed it! Great job!
I loved the play on words and the imagery of the marketplace. Good job.