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The Civil War one of the worst times in American history! Today, the idea of anyone being another's slave is abhorent!

Your story a realistic reminder of that terrible time and injustice and that there were those that risked their lives and fought for justice behind the scenes away from the battle field!

Your story fits the challenge word in so many aspects! Well done.
Very moving story! You did a great job in your writing! God bless!
Very atmospheric treatment of the dark, insane nature of warfare between brothers, cousins, fathers, sons and friends.
great story :-) at first I thought it was set in England as we have a Richmond just down the road. :-) this seemed like a taster chapter for a bigger story which I am sure you would be able to write as you have such a clear picture of the characters and the adventure.Perhaps I have missed something I am not quite sure how it fitted the topic.
that would be my only criticism of it because the writing seemed very good and i was reading on to find out more... i am sure i might read the whole book even though i dont generally go for period fiction/historical fiction.
Oh it is so nice to read A well-written fresh take on the topic. I felt like I had traveled to the past and watching it all firsthand.
Very well written! I was completely drawn into the story and able to picture the whole scene. Good characterization and imagery.
Awesome! Great job with the historical fiction. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, waiting to see if you would take the "traitor" route of "sellout," especially because of the title. I like the way you fooled me and made the ending happy anyway. :)

It may need a few commas in some areas, but other than that, this sellout story is perfect. Love the patriotism.
congratulations on being in the editors choice. my choice too :-)
Congratulations on your third. Well done, good story. Cheers :-)
Great story Patricia. Congratulations on your placing.
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing
Excellently written story. I am so glad you won an EC spot.
Great job Patricia, I enjoyed this, congratulations!