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Too bad Judas’ remorse did not involve a true understanding Jesus and pray the forgiveness and mercy and compassion Jesus would have given, but instead ended it his way, suicide…which was the pagan answer to what he had done. Remorse (Judas) and Repentance (Peter) so different!

Interesting read, this story of Judas' possible thoughts that night.
They say great minds think alike...

Funny, when I wrote my entry (also about Judas) I knew it was not an original idea. However, Judas' betrayal was the most notorious and most devasting sellout -- ever. I couldn't help myself, though, and I suppose you could not either, writing about this famous betrayal.

The more I studied his story, the more fascinated I became. I enjoyed your portrayal of Judas' anquish.
This is a most thought-provoking sketch of Judas' possible torment. Your title is so appropriate, for his remorse did not step towards repentance. I've often wondered why Judas was the treasurer, instead of Matthew the accountant, but that's beside the point.
You have some great word-pictures in a very well-compiled entry
Great job Lisa, I felt a reminder that in some ways we all have the potential Judas inside us, I enjoyed reading this.