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Fresh subject and vibrant description, nice.
This poem, a vivid awareness of how seeming innocent indulgence of drugs can pull one in so deep it is near impossible to find escape…but nothing is impossible with Jesus, no addiction, no sin greater than the power of His shed blood and His love and mercy. This poem also a reminder of how important it is for us to pray for those entrapped by sin, not write anyone off!

Good message and way to use the challenge word!
Lovely written bouncing flowing poem and written on a subject close to my heart.

Compromise and then sin is a slippery path. Those rescued from such a life are some of the most inspiring believers that I know.

Good subject, well written, well done.

Cheers Kel
ps I love reading challenge 'poems'. :-)
Lovely. I liked how you transitioned the nature of the dance, so smooth was the transition, but so astounding the difference.
You have lifted the lid on the deceitfulness of addiction; as the process moves from flimsy cobwebs to the heavy cables that are humanly impossible to break. I love the gentle way that you have described Jesus' call to break those cables. Well done.
Excellent! Great job at getting the point across. Really enjoyed the flow and pace of the story and the great way you carried the reader through from beginning to end of how one becomes ensnared in sinful and life destroying behavior. Also really liked your smooth transition into freedom from that addiction in Christ.
Great poem! Well done. I love the idea that we think we can dance with the devil and not suffer (or lose control). This is excellent!
Great job Leola, touched my heart. I think it's an awesome piece.
Wow, an enjoyable to read poem, Leola. Very good and well written thoughts. Your words flow nicely, with great imagery. Thank you for sharing.