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So true. The world thinks Christians who think these thoughts are outlandish, because they have been blinded to God's truths. Thank you for this poem - it touched my heart.
My husband and I say all the time how heavy our hearts are for America. While our nation forgets God, many, many of her people don't. Christians still pray and believe for our nation. Thanks for your poignant reminder. God bless!
Sadly, so much truth in this poem! And it is so hard seeing America being transformed into an ungodly nation, where God is pushed out instead of trusted in! If the people wake up and rise up and put some Godly leaders back in office and morals back in our laws and land, we are doomed.

Actually this poem is so true it just makes me want to weep!
I meant to say - If the people DON'T wake up and rise up
Wow! Excellent. Expecially loved the last line. Great take on the topic. Thanks for writing.
Good reads like a Dr. Seuss for Christians. I enjoyed the pace and the message is, unfortunately, accurate.
Very timely and good take on topic. Loved the last line, 'It's hard to get saved if you don't know you're lost!'