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How mean of that pilot and grandpa Bert to scare poor Jason with that outlandish ejection story! LOL LOL LOL Bert seemed quite the character, a character that feels based on reality! Enjoyed the read.
I love the characters you've created here and would read anything with Bert a part of the story. Creating interesting characters is the toughest part and you not only did that, but put them into a story that flowed well and stayed true to their personalities. Great job! Thanks for writing and sharing this with us!
Excellent writing. Loved the characterization. Thanks for the enjoyable few minutes of reading.
Family stories are endless grist for the mill, aren't they? Got off to a slow start (see repeated phrase in the second sentence that had me re-reading to figure it out) but once you got going, you developed the farmer's character beautifully.
LOL! I think your farmer left a few tramatized folk in the furrow! He definitely ranks as an outlandish, and probably loveable character. (and I wouldn't be surprised if there were more stories that could be told). You've delighted this reader in a most entertaining way.
Ah Bert ... what a character. He has to be real and if I'm wrong you've done an outstanding job of creating him!
An interesting and a light-hearted read! Enjoyed this piece ... except for the mention of 9/11. Good job with the characterization and the story plot.
This is a great story. I chuckled throughout at your delightful humor. Nice job.